About Us

DGFTSCRIP.COM is India's first online marketplace to trade the Scrips (obtained from DGFT) in the open market. You can easily sell or buy the scrips without fearing issues of confidentiality or getting cheated, so that you will not be dependent upon references only or fearful of unknown sources for trading your Scrips in the open market. DGFTSCRIP.COM facilitates and provides a platform to the sellers and the interested buyers to show their interests and simultaneously sell their Scrips through the use of this portal or our mobile app (DGFTSCRIP).

DGFTSCRIP.COM is a part of the ASC Group which, specialises in obtaining licenses from DGFT and trading it in the open market, is backed by qualified professionals who have years of experience in this field and are doing specialised consulting in the field of Foreign Trade Policy of India. ASC Group is a team of 150+ professionals comprising of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers. ASC Group has a pan India presence with more than 46 associate offices which are spread across the country. Some other services provided by ASC Group comprises of Advisory, Assurance, Direct and Indirect Taxation and other finance related tailor made solutions. To know more about ASC Group you can log on to www.ascgroup.in.

Why us

Maximise your returns

You can always maximise the returns while selling the Scrip because of the availability of various options.

Efficient use of working capital

You can always plan for an efficient use of your working capital as we help you to monetise your Scrips as soon as possible.

End to end support

We provide end to end support for the clients for doing all the paperwork and customs related support for registration of Scrips.